• bed bug dog inspection madison

  • bed bug dog inspection madison

  • bed bug dog inspection madison

Fast, Accurate, Dependable, Discreet — Don’t let pesky bed bugs cause you another minute of worry or frustration. ASAP Bed Bug Detection’s bed bug sniffing dog (Ricky) can give you the fastest, most accurate detection results. Discounts given to active military, veterans, police and fire departments. For a free estimate or for more information 414-458-0605 — info@asapbedbugdetection.com

  • Certified Bed Bug Detection
  • Serving Milwaukee & Surrounding Area
  • Accurate Results
  • Ricky Has Over 800 Hours of Training
  • No Conflict Of Interest

8AM to 9PM Mon thru Fri
9AM to 6PM Sat and Sun

Why Use ASAP?

ASAP is independently owned and not an exterminator trying to sell you more services. By locating the exact spot of the infestation your extermination cost can be reduced substantially. Our dog and handler was certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) and can take care of all your inspection needs in a timely manner. Our canine team trains daily with live bed bugs and continues to update their techniques by participating in advanced canine workshops. And we proudly serve Milwaukee and surrounding communities. Call Glenn today (414-458-0605) to get all your questions answered and give yourself, your family, or your business peace of mind.

Check out Ricky and Glenn in their Bay View Compass article, and on the news at WTMJ4.  And on Fox 6 News... ​


Over 4000 inspections have been completed by our bed bug detection team!


Why Use a Dog?

K9 inspections outperform human beg bug inspectors. In field research performed by the University of Florida, the NESDCA-certified canines tested averaged a 98% accuracy rate* in detecting the odor presence of live bed bugs and viable eggs. Visual inspections, even by trained pest management professionals, are estimated to be only 17 to 30% accurate. This is because bed bugs can hide under carpets, in baseboards, inside mattresses and box springs, in electronics, and behind walls–areas that are virtually impossible for a human to inspect without dismantling the room’s contents. An immature bed bug can be smaller than a grain of salt. That is not a deterrent to our canines who can detect the odor of bed bugs with virtually no disruption to your home’s contents.


"I can now rest easy! Glen is a straight forward, trustworthy Man. He answered all my questions thoroughly and provided... me with all the information I needed. Ricky the Dog is a King among canines, it was amazing to watch him work. If You need this service performed, ASAP is the spot." - Scot

Bed Bug 101

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Article on Bed Bugs. Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that mostly feed on human blood. They cause a number of health concerns such as skin rashes, allergic reactions, and psychological effects. Female bed bugs can lay up to 12 eggs at a time and between 300-500 eggs in a year. Adult bed bugs are no more than ¼ of an inch in length, and immature bugs are virtually colorless and microscopic! Bed bugs are hitchhikers and can be easily carried from one place to another. Bed bugs can be found in a variety of settings, not just in the home! Bed bugs can feed at anytime of day or night, although they prefer nighttime.


In order to eliminate bed bug infestations, an approved pesticide and/or heat therapy provider must be used. These extermination methods need to be performed by a reputable exterminator. The challenge of this process is identifying where the problem exists. Trained scent detection dogs are proven to be 98% effective in detecting live bed bugs as well as their eggs. This is compared to only a 17-30% accuracy rate by even the most trained exterminators. Bed bugs can hide in places like base boards, inside mattresses, electronics, and in walls; all of which are impossible for a human to detect without dismantling your home or place of business.

"Great company!! Glenn goes above and beyond for all of his clients!...
 Very professional and great to work with. Would highly recommend him and Ricky!" - Scott



Inspection Pricing & Protocols

Residential Inspections

Pricing is based on the square footage of your home. Our base price for bed bug home inspections in Milwaukee begin at $75 depending on location and size of job. We offer packages which include pre-treatment and post-treatment inspections. We encourage you to call or email us for more details.


Commercial Inspections

Pricing is based on an hourly rate. We offer packages which include pre-treatment and post-treatment inspections as well as monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly inspections. Same day or emergency bed bug inspections are available to help alleviate the stress and confusion that can occur when a bed bug is found on-site.

If you are in need of a building-wide inspection, we have half day or daily rates to meet your budget. Please call or email us so we can tailor a plan to fit the needs of your business.

Remember bed bugs can be anywhere. If you need your car, new furniture/mattress, luggage, clothing, student’s dorm room/apartment, etc. inspected, we can help!


How to prepare for ASAP:

At least 2 hours prior to the search:
• Extinguish all smoking materials
• Turn off any odor products such as plug-ins


At least 20 minutes prior to the search
• Turn off all air conditioners, heaters, fans and ceiling fans
• Close all windows, doors, etc.
• Turn up all bed linens so box spring/mattress seams are exposed


Please make sure the following types of items are not accessible during the search
• Chemicals, household cleaners
• Food & candy
• Toys, litter boxes, pet food & water
• Any drugs or medications


Noise & human distractions must be kept to a minimum. We will ask the resident to vacate the area to be searched (example: step into another room). Pets/animals must be moved to an area not involved in the search. We cannot search areas where pesticides have been applied in the last 30 days. We cannot search areas where tracking powders have been used (such as DE). All insecticide & pesticide dusts must be vacuumed with HEPA filter 24 hours prior to the search. All rodent baits, glue boards and snap traps must be removed. Areas that are cluttered with garbage, debris, feces, dirt, food, clothing, boxes, etc. will not be searched as they present a hazard to our canine and severely compromise the effectiveness of the canine’s ability to perform her job. Upon arrival, the handler(s) will assess the areas to be searched to ensure these protocols have been followed. Failure to follow protocols will result in the ASAP handler being unable to search the area(s) in question. Additional fees may apply.


Thank you for your cooperation & we look forward to working with you!

"They brought over a bug-sniffing beagle. Fortunately no bugs were found. The handler explained all procedures and informed us on many aspects of bug infestation & how to avoid and cure them. It was a valuable experience."

Contact info@asapbedbugdetection.com or call 414.458.0605

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